AiM Optinen vastaanotin kierrosajan mittaamiseen

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AiM mittalaite pystyy tunnistaaan maalilinjan optisen vastaanottimen avulla.

Asenna anturin silmä tarranauhalla tai nippusiteellä kohti optista lähetintä (kuva).

  • Saatavilla Binder 712 (metallinen) ja 719 (muovinen) liittimellä
  • Syöttöjännite 7-15V

Jatkojohdot Binder 712 ja 719

AiM devices can detects lap times using an infrared optical receiver. The receiver is available with different cable length and ending Binder connector (plastic as well as metallic). Its strong signal guarantees almost no missing laps because its "bounces" off nearly any obstacle. 

Install the receiver on the vehicle fixing it to the chassis through the fixing hole, plastic wrappers or a piece of Velcro. When fixing the receiver be sure its "eye" addresses to the side of the track where the receiver is installed. If necessary make a hole in the vehicle front cockpit.

  • Available with Bider 712 (metallic) or 719 (plastic) connector
  • Supply 7-15 V