Izze-Racing venymäliuskavahvistin CAN

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Izze-Racing 24 bit venäliuska/voima-anturi vahvistin mittaa venymäliuskasillan tai voima-anturin jännitteen ja muuntaa signaalin CAN 2.0A-viestiksi. 

Vahvistimen syöttöjännite: 5-8 V
Suositeltu venymäliuskan vastus: 350 Ohm
Määriteltävät mittausnopeudet: 100, 200, 400 ja 800 Hz

Vahvistin on vesitiivis IP66 ja painaa 10 g.

The Izze-Racing 24-Bit ADC-to-CAN Amplifier is specifically designed to excite, amplify, and measure the voltage signal from a strain gauge or load cell, and output the measured voltage via CAN with class-leading precision, accuracy, temperature compensation, and noise performance.
The amplifier measure's differential voltages with a resolution of 1µV and RMS noise of only ±750nV at a sampling frequency of 100Hz. The differential voltage and temperature is broadcasted via CAN for post-processing but may also be programmed to simultaneously transmit a calibrated output (convert voltage to force) with linear or advanced tabular temperature compensation.

  • Supply voltage: 5-8V
  • Recommended resistance: 350 Ohm
  • Update rates: 100, 200, 400 ja 800Hz
  • IP66
  • Weight 10g