ASL OBD2 1996-2007

ASL OBD2 1996-2007

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OBDII data 1996-2007 diagnostiikkaportista

RaceCapture/Track ja RaceCapture/Pro.

OBDII legacy adapteri kääntää vanhan OBDII datan uudenpien autojen OBDII data muotoon CAN-väylään.


    For OBDII data from your 1996-2007 ECU
    The OBDII Legacy Adapter brings OBDII data from pre-CAN bus OBDII vehicles (1996-2007) to your RaceCapture/Pro (MK3 or MK2), RaceCapture/Track, and RaceCapture/Apex system.

    How it works?
    The OBDII legacy adapter effectively modernizes your car’s legacy OBDII interface by translating CAN OBDII queries into the appropriate legacy OBDII protocol that your ECU can understand.

    This means devices that expect only a modern CAN OBDII interface can transparently work with any OBDII enabled vehicle (1996 – present).