CANchecked CFE18 Analog - CAN muunnin

  • €105,00
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Sisältää veron. Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.

CFE18 CAN-väylämuunnin. Soveltuu esim. rattinäppäimien ja kiertokytkimien viestien välitykseen CAN väylään.

  • 9 kpl analogisia sisääntuloa (0-5V)
  • 9 kpl digitaalisia sisääntuloja
  • 120 Ohm jumpperikytkin
  • 5 V virrasyöttö antureille / kytkimille
  • 12 V käyttöjännite
  • CAN datakysely 50 ms välein

Testattu seuraavilla:

  • CANchecked MFD28/MFD32/MFD32S
  • MaxxECU
  • Ecumaster
  • LinkECU
  • Haltech (emulates an IO Extender A+B or only B)
  • Syvecs (tulossa)
  • Motec (tulossa)
  • AIM

      CANchecked dokumentaatio LINKKI

      CFE18 stands for "Can Bus Function Extension" or colloquially also "Can Switch Board" - why is this module needed?

      Can bus connections in the vehicle sometimes present our customers with great challenges. Especially in motor sports applications, when electronics have to be accommodated in the steering wheel and information from adjustment knobs (trimpots) or pushbuttons is then to be transmitted via Can Bus.

      CANchecked now offers a small add-on module that has 18 connections: 9 for pushbuttons and 9 for analog inputs (0-5V signal). A voltage converter to ensure the connection to a 12V vehicle board network is also already integrated.

      With only 29x27mm, the circuit board is very compact and can be placed anywhere. The pin pitch is 2.54mm - 3.81mm for the power supply for safety reasons.

      We have made a hole for attachment, which can be used as a screw connection.

       CANchecked documentation LINK